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As the world’s leading nonpartisan think-tank dedicated to the study of the business, economics, and commerce of space, the International Institute of Space Commerce’s goal is to transform the global discussion on space commerce working to solve the issues it faces today and tomorrow by driving forward the conversation with a marketplace of new ideas by providing this home for the exchange, discussion, and creation of new ideas in space commerce.

Much of our work is to stimulate ideas and discussion, centered around the publication of papers in this regard.

Why not join us and contribute to the conversation? Thanks to our sponsors and partners, it’s free.

Papers submitted to the Institute are peer reviewed by a pragmatic mix of its Director, Board, and Senior Fellows. Papers are published electronically copyright free via the Institute’s web site and various other electronic forums.

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      • Put forward new ideas and have them reviewed by esteemed peers
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      • Stimulate global discussion on Space Commerce
      • Drive forward the marketplace and establish yourself as an expert
      • Get valuable feedback on the validity and reach of your ideas

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