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Passenger Safety On Personal Spaceflight – Spacecraft Interior Concept: Ondrej Doule


This paper develops a new spacecraft interior design concept (Silverbird), which is completely adapted for activities during transcontinental or touristic suborbital flight. Based on such a unique human experience, the interior is designed for maximum comfort, as well as safety. Silverbird is a Horizontal Take off Horizontal Landing (HTHL) rocket plane concept that can transport [...]

Suborbital Space Tourism: Business Plan Elements – Oguntoyinbo Boma


This research paper briefly overviews the current status of space tourism, summarizes a number of space tourism market research studies, identifies market research challenges, and analyses operations and financial aspects of creating a sub-orbital space tourism business as a stepping-stone to public space travel. Download here: oguntoyinbo Boma_suborbital space tourism business plan elements

Suborbital Flight Vehicles, Participants and Experiment Possibilities for the Pharmaceutical Industry – Maud Moullec


Two different kinds of suborbital flights are in the making and are bound to start suborbital flights in the next two years – Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo and XCOR’s Mark II. In this comparative study assets and disadvantages of both suborbital spacecrafts are listed, the possible payload dimensions for each kind of flight as well as [...]