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Modeling the Nation State in Space Commerce and the Principles of Sovereign Survival


The argument in this paper states that celestial expansion will follow the same principles as those which describe the survival and success of nations. We explore three key principles to which all nations must adhere if there are to endure. The argument does not overlook the role of umbrella organizations such as the United Nations, but [...]

Introduction to Space Commerce, 2010 – 2020


Space commerce is already a major industry today, generating about $175B in revenue worldwide. This tidy sum comes primarily from communications satellites and the services needed to build them, get them into orbit, and keep them there. By tomorrow, however, this figure will grow substantially, not only because the satellite market is thriving, but because [...]

The Emerging Organizational Framework for the Space Commerce Enterprise


At the end of the first decade of the 21st century, the American space program is going through particularly turbulent times. Many believe that America has lost its vision and focus, and that we will consequently abdicate our leadership role in space exploration and innovation to other international space faring nations. There are many indicators [...]

International Cooperation for the Development of Space


This book examines the tremendous benefits that come when we think beyond the boundaries of national interests and consider the venture and adventure into space as a matter of shared ambition, shared knowledge, shared risk, and shared benefit across all of humanity. In our previous books on the meaning and significance of space we have explored a broad range of these themes and topics, starting first in Beyond Earth with a broad examination of many different issues, and then in our second volume with a collection of writings about the challenges and opportunities that Living in Space will present. In the third volume in this series we examined the future of business in space, Space Commerce.

Space Commerce – The Inside Story


"This third book by the Aerospace Technology Working Group (ATWG) is a broad and fascinating survey of the important topic of Space Commerce. The authors are genuine experts within their fields, and many of them have been together in the loose collaboration of the ATWG for two decades. They share a common impatience with incremental development and bureaucracy, and will lead the reader in exploring the frontier of this emerging business venue." Bruce McCandless II, 24-Year NASA Astronaut