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The Use of Space Technologies to Monitor and Respond to Earthquakes Economic Perspective – A.M.Eren, W. Peeters, J. Farrow


This paper presents the role of space based technologies like remote sensing (RS) and Global Navigation and satellite Systems (GNSS) for earthquake disaster management. The space based technologies like GNSS and RS applications can help in prediction, preparation, response and recovery phases of the disaster management cycle. After an earthquake mapping the extents of damages, [...]

Future thinking on the Galileo Authentication Application:Innovating by living mobile – Emanuele Barreca


The Galileo commercial service is one of today’s challenges towards a successful exploitation of the European Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS). This document underlines actual trends on the mobile market showing that convergence of new breakthrough technologies and GNSS positioning is significantly progressing. In particular, actual and future issues and consequences for the development of [...]