From Singapore to Sydney: A Prize for Hypersonic Point to Point Transportation – Scott Morley


Since the advent of the rocket, rapid point to point (RP2P) passenger transportation1 has been a persistent dream of many space enthusiasts. By 1947, just a few years after the first V2 rocket flights, famed space artist Chesley Bonestell had already published a series of paintings depicting a transcontinental passenger rocket (Scheuetz, M 1999). Although [...]

The Development Of A Technology Prize To Promote On-Orbit Servicing Infrastructure – Peter Knudtson


This study presents a brief overview of On-Orbit Servicing (OOS), the challenges it faces in its development, the unique position a technology prize has in overcoming these barriers, and a conceptual framework for a collaborative OOS Prize. The OOS Prize proposed is based around the following points: develop OOS incrementally by focusing on near-term applications, [...]