Legal Framework in Support of Commercialization of Outer Space: The Case of the Isle of Man – Timiebi Aganaba


This paper looks at the continued growth of the Isle of Man as the financial hub for the international space community. Particularly in light of the proposed UNIDROIT Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment as Applied to Space Assets, the effect of the Isle of Man’s intentions to adopt elements of UNIDROIT to establish [...]

Recommendations to the European Union for Initiatives Supporting Small and Medium Enterprises – Magdalena Jecz


Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) constitute 99.8% of the business ventures found within Europe and account for almost 140 million jobs. High-technology enterprises, such as space ventures, have the highest growth rate and potential, however, also the lowest likelihood to survive. SMEs, as drivers of innovation, should be a key strategic investment of governments and [...]