Australia’s Place in Space: Historical Constraints and Future Opportunities


Australia occupies an unusual place in the story of human activity in space. Australia’s approach to space has been and remains intensely pragmatic and collaborative, leading to outcomes that have puzzled many observers and commentators over the years. Principles of necessity and sufficiency have been dominant. Grand plans for space exploration and space industry development [...]

Space and Television; Is There a Reason – Tahir Merali


This investigation seeks to determine the use of space in television advertising. A brief overview of marketing and advertising is addressed, and specific uses of space themes are presented. A database of 54 television advertisements from the 1950's to 2009 is analyzed by space sector affinity (advertisements and industry), target audience, accuracy, year aired, and [...]

Assessing the Support for the Space Assets Protocol to the UNIDROIT Cape Town Convention – IISC Commissioned Study


Increased density of space traffic is driving reflections on regulatory frameworks. Space Traffic Management (STM) is one of the emerging ideas, but also implementation of the Cape Town convention on space assets is presently discussed. UNIDROIT has taken the initiative to propose a legal framework for space assets in accordance with the latter convention. Although [...]