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The International Institute of Space Commerce has been involved in a number of initiatives to further the exploration and exploitation of Space. We try to share our publications as widely as possible, so they can be found here, also also on Amazon or iTunes.

Below you can find some of the projects we have been involved in.


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The US Space Guard : Institutional Support to Space Commerce

This paper discusses some methods and institutions that will bridge the gap between today’s practical reality of space commerce as satellites and signals and future visions of commercial empires in an outer space populated by thousands of human beings and shared by space enthusiasts. It argues that the present and future of space commerce are [...]


The Space-Based Internet

As commercial endeavors expand into space, the need to communicate goes with them. Most of the entrepreneurs, scientists, explorers, and tourists who journey to space will expect to remain in more or less constant contact with the rest of human civilization, which will require a significant communications infrastructure. Businesses will require constant exchange of data, [...]


Space as a Catalyst for International Political Cooperation

At a recent symposium held at the International Space University (ISU) in Strasbourg, France, the topic of the International Space Station (ISS) was discussed in a broad context. One of the presenters, highlighting the international character of this project, made the statement that if the ISS had been operational by the beginning of the twentieth [...]


The Space Data Association: A New Model for International Cooperation in Space

The formation of the Space Data Association (SDA) represents an interesting model for international cooperation in space activities. The SDA is a not for profit organization incorporated in the Isle of Man, part of the British Isles, and was formed by the world’s three largest satellite operators, SES, Intelsat, and Inmarsat. What makes the SDA [...]


The Science and Technology of Space Exploration

Cyberspace, the electronic environment that consists of myriad connections between people and information, is also the transition space to outer space, the place where we may learn to productively to live, to work, and to cooperate in preparation for our actual journeys off the Earth. While future space flight missions that go beyond today’s International [...]



For much of the lay public, and perhaps even for many in the legal profession, when the question of “space law” arises, thoughts turn to “special treaties” and “international conventions,” and to noble acts of diplomacy involving concepts like “adventurous and peaceful” activities in space, magnanimously conducted for the “benefit of all mankind.” The documents [...]


Perspectives on Improving United States International Space Cooperation

There is a powerful case to be made for the United States to conduct international space cooperation activities. In this chapter, we will discuss how cooperation allows a nation to leverage resources and reduce risk; improve efficiency; expand international engagement; and enhance diplomatic prestige of engaged states, political sustainability and workforce stability. Unfortunately, although the [...]


Overview of Space Programs of Brazil, India, and Israel

The Brazilian Space Agency, in Portuguese: Agência Espacial Brasileira (AEB), is the civilian authority in Brazil responsible for the country’s growing space program. It operates a spaceport at Alcântara and a rocket launch site at Barreira do Inferno. The agency has given Brazil a leading role in space in Latin America and has made Brazil [...]


An Open Source, Standardized Research Platform for the International Space Station

In the not too distant past, anyone who wanted to manipulate or analyze data for a scientific or engineering project would need to know low level programming languages, especially if there was a real sensor or hardware in the loop. Consequently, 8086 machine language was commonly taught in physics and engineering programs. But with the [...]