Project Description

This paper develops a new spacecraft interior design concept (Silverbird), which is completely adapted for activities during transcontinental or touristic suborbital flight. Based on such a unique human experience, the interior is designed for maximum comfort, as well as safety. Silverbird is a Horizontal Take off Horizontal Landing (HTHL) rocket plane concept that can transport 8 passengers. Interior design for micro-gravity amusement is discussed as well as the very important design of the windows, which incorporates anthropometry and human visual perception capabilities. The Silverbird concept offers a different interior design approach then previously studied and analysed spacecrafts, such as the Virgin Galactic, European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company (EADS) rocket plane and Vehra Suborbital Habité (VSH).

Download here: Doule 2008 – Silverbird – IAC-08-B3.2.-D2.7