Project Description

The topic exploited is summarized by the following sentence: “digital ecosystems, a way for reshaping the current space sector and expanding space enabled benefits to the society”. Digital ecosystems are a new model of local development based on ICT (web 2.0), open source technologies and social interaction. The potential impact of enterprise 2.0 technologies has to be explored in the space industry to understand how the relationships and routine procedures of a captive market could be re-shaped through innovative solutions and how new services could be provided. My research efforts, started in February 2009, are applied directly at ESA-ESRIN for the requirements analysis of the digital ecosystem pilot case DABE (Digital Aerospace Business Ecosystem). This research has identified the potentiality of the convergence of the digital ecosystem approach and the new space era. Many implications exist at different disciplinary (i.e. knowledge economy) and social interest level (i.e. space agencies technology transfer). I started analyzing the requirements of the pilot case DABE, mainly through an inductive methodology, but also some empirical evidences. Requirements identified for DABE and reported in this work are related to supposed users’ needs and IT services and future steps have been identified: actions to do before (ecosystem conditions survey) and for the implementation of the project (strategies, planning and resources identification and coordination).

By: Emanuele Barreca

Download here: BARRECA_Emanuele_PA_2009.PDF