Political Discourse At The Speed of Light

A.K.A. Political Discourse In The Age Of The Singularity “At the speed of light you’re in endless night, At the speed of sound you can’t see the ground.” ~ Wang Chung   Feeling disorientated by the media recently? Concerned that politics and reason as you know it has taken a long drive off a short [...]

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Executive Director for the IISC required.

The IISC is presently seeking a new Executive Director to continue the growth of the Institute and its work and to take the Institute to its next level. The Executive Director is the key management leader of the International Institute of Space Commerce (the Institute) and is responsible for overseeing the administration, programs and strategic plan of the organisation. [...]

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Dr. Jerry Pournelle Named First Patron of The International Institute of Space Commerce

National Space Society Heinlein Award winner and New York Times Best Selling Author of over thirty works, Dr. Jerry Pournelle has been named the Patron of the International Institute of Space Commerce. Affiliated with the International Space University (ISU), the Institute is the world’s leading think tank dedicated to the study of the business, economics, [...]

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Calling Earth – An Astronaut’s Thoughts

We're delighted to announce our next event, which will be held in the Isle of Man at the end of this month. Nicole Stott is a retired astronaut, aquanaut and STEAM advocate. Her missions on the Space Shuttle Discovery and time on the International Space Station afford her a unique perspective of Earth, and is [...]

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Living in the Second Elizabethan Age

We are living, in what I would argue, is the second Elizabethan Age. An age of commerce, exploration and discovery in Space driven by geopolitical, commercial, and cultural factors so incredibly similar to those of the first Elizabethan Age that is it worth noting. With this new Golden Age of exploration history is repeating itself [...]

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To be Digitally Agnostic in the age of Satellites, Screens, and Social Media

Does Social Media worry you? Do you find yourself confused in this age of digital media, adrift in the world of networking?  Worried about satellite versus cable? Android versus Apple? Tablets versus smart phones?   Messaging and connecting with your clients and colleagues has never been easier, but it has also never been as potentially confusing. [...]

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Don’t Forget your Tech

In our modern world it is, ironically, all too easy to forget about our technology. I'm not talking about our Smart Phones or the latest wearable tech or electric cars, but rather the underlying base of technology that we've built over the last 50 years to enable all of the modern innovations we take for [...]

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Astronaut ‘scoop’ for island based space organisation

Retired American astronaut Col. Ron Garan will be in the island next week for an event. Col Garan is a highly decorated fighter pilot, test pilot, astronaut, spacewalker and aquanaut. He will be the special guest speaker at the inaugural annual fundraising dinnner for the island based International Institute of Space Commerce. Since leaving NASA, [...]

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Novel Financing for Innovation

Tough economic times and financial constraints that are not likely to lessen anytime soon are encouraging a rethinking of how we can best, as a nation, fund research in the sciences, engineering, and technology. Federal research agencies have launched, utilized, or are proposing new funding mechanisms that are less like the traditional research and development [...]

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