The International Institute of Space Commerce (IISC), the world’s leading open source think
tank on the economics and commerce of space, has announced the selection of its new
Executive Director, Mr Robert Alexander.

“I am very honored and excited to be given this responsibility,” he said. “The IISC has a unique
position in the global space industry, where it serves companies, customers, governments,
individuals and investors who daily work beyond our atmosphere. We are at a crucial time in
human history, where people can make a living beyond the Earth; it is my intent to make the
commerce of space more enticing.”

Mr Alexander plans to begin his term with a global outreach effort to recruit both people and
corporations in joining the IISC. “The bigger our global ‘footprint’, the more doors the IISC will
be able to open for our members,” he explained. “My dream is to help as many people achieve
space flight as possible, and to have a good portion of them make money doing so.”
Joining the IISC as an Open Member is free, though paid Supporting and Corporate
memberships provide more benefits. Joining is possible through the website:
Mr Alexander has worked in various human space flight for the last 20 years, including the
Space Shuttle and International Space Station programs in various capacities with United Space
Alliance (a joint venture between Boeing and Lockheed Martin). He was in the private space
sector for several years as a member of the NanoRacks team in Houston, Texas. Most recently,
he has been involved with the secondary payload cubesat deployment system on the Space
Launch System as an employee of Bastion Technologies at the Marshall Space Flight Center in
Huntsville, Alabama, USA.

Mr Alexander has a Bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Texas at
Austin, as well as a Master of Space Studies degree from the International Space University.
Mr Alexander was selected by the IISC after an exhaustive global search.

Mr Alex Downie, Chairman of the Institute, said: “Speaking for the Board and for all at the
Institute, I would like to thank our outgoing Executive Director, Dr Walter Peeters, who has
served since our founding in 2007 and for our first decade as an exemplary leader. We
wholeheartedly welcome Mr. Alexander to his new role and very much look forward to our next
ten years of continued success at the Institute in leading the world in the economics of space.”

Dr Peeters, President of the International Space University, has also now joined the Main Board
of the Institute.