National Space Society Heinlein Award winner and New York Times Best Selling Author of over thirty works, Dr. Jerry Pournelle has been named the Patron of the International Institute of Space Commerce.

Affiliated with the International Space University (ISU), the Institute is the world’s leading think tank dedicated to the study of the business, economics, and commerce of space.

Dr. Pournelle was named in recognition of his instrumental work in space commerce and space economics.  He is the first such Patron of the Institute.

Dr. Pournelle’s 1979 work ‘A Step Farther Out’ is both foundational and seminal to the economic understanding of space and more especially of the opportunities afforded by the rational consideration of the utilization of space to the benefit of Humanity.

Working in close cooperation with Dr. Pournelle in his role as Patron, the Institute plans to e-publish a revised and updated edition of  ‘A Step Farther Out’, and also a long awaited second book in the series.

“I am very pleased and honored to be named Patron of this Institute. I have been an advocate of developing space commerce for most of my life. Fully 90% of the resources required by mankind are not on this Earth, but in the solar system. Arthur Clarke reminded us that if mankind is to survive, for most of our history the word ‘ship’ will mean space ship.  We are just at the beginning of that period. The Institute takes a leading role in that development.”

“To have the world’s recognized thought leader and passionate advocate for the commercialization of space join us is an incredible honor for the Institute.  Dr. Pournelle is uniquely qualified to become the Institute’s first Patron.  We look forward to working more closely with him in the years to come.”, said the Institute’s Chairman of the Board, Alex Downie OBE.

“As many major initiatives in history, IISC originated with the help of government support. In analogy with such initiatives, IISC is now entering a new phase allowing to become self-supporting. There is no doubt that an internationally known person such as Dr. Pournelle as first Patron will act as a catalyst in this ongoing process” said Institute Executive Director and ISU President, Dr. Walter Peeters.