Summer Space Programme 2012 White Paper presents examines current and potential tele-reach solutions from the perspective of the economic and social needs of the Global South.

The SH-SSP12 was conducted at the Mawson Lakes campus of the University of South Australia (UniSA), Adelaide, Australia, by the International Space University (ISU) and UniSA. It has been the 2nd edition of a joint space program involving Sothern and Northern Hemisphere in terms of participant’s nationalities, lecturers and experts, academic institutions and related disciplinary domains.

This White Paper reviews the infrastructure, policy, and economic frameworks necessary to enable sustainable tele-reach operations with a focus on opportunities for regional and international collaboration.

The students proposed innovative policy mechanisms in line with the spirit of 3-I, International, interdisciplinary, and international, as the well-known and established ISU asset for space capacity building from educational point of view. The seminal concept is the exploitation of the wiki-idea as system of the systems coming originally from Information & Technology theory to a proposal of a Tele-reach System of Systems (TSS). This is more one time a case of interdisciplinary success merging technical, policy, law and economic concerns to reach a global and comprehensive solution.

The study was conducted by the students, under the supervision of Juan de Dalmau (ESA), Joe Pelton (ISU) and Noel Siemon (ISU). The program hosted several dedicate lectures provided by several experts and even through tele-education services. The SH-SSP12 was under the direction of Dr. Scott Madry, USA, ISU Program Director and Mr. Michael Davis, Australia, UniSA Program Co-Director and ISU faculty.

White Paper: REACH 2020 – Tele-Reach for the Global South – Executive Summary

For the full report, please contact:
Prof. Scott Madry, Program Director,
Mr. Michael Davis, Program Co-Director,