Increasing interest in orbital space tourism has been generated by recent developments of projects and organisations such as Excalibur, Galactic Suite and Bigelows Space Complex Alpha, as well as the Russian Orbital Technologies plans.

Although recent years have seen a number of excellent studies published, mainly focusing on suborbital demand, there has been, until now, few detailed studies available on the market demand for orbital personal spaceflight.

This 2011 study offers a new analysis and perspective for industry, taking into account that since 2008 the financial landscape has changed considerably, highlighting the need for up-to-date data on the demand side of Orbital Space Tourism.  It considers a market outlook including evaluating the price elasticity in a price range of $5-20 million per flight and assesses the potential market for the period 2012-2022.

The IISC’s Orbital Space Tourism Market Revisited study is now available online for sale here.