Jay Honeycutt, former director of NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, dedicated a special lecture in memory of Dr. Burton I. Edelson. Edelson was a true pioneer of space science and applications providing visionary leadership in a career that included nearly 30 years of public service in the Navy and at NASA. Whilst going over NASA’s history and giving his view on the future of the organization, the audience got a good picture of the beneficial influence that Dr. Edelson had on the space sector.

Dr. Michael Simpson – ISU president and IISC director, Ms Mary Snitch - Lockheed Martin director of NASA programs, Dr. Joe Pelton – ISU former dean, Daniel Edelson – National Geographic Society vice president for education and son of Dr. Edelson as well as Chris Stott – ManSat LLC CEO and IISC director, all remembered the achievements of Edelson. Among the initiatives Dr. Edelson helped to incubate was ISU, which he supported with an early grant while he was at NASA.

Burton Edelson received much recognition throughout his career. He was a fellow of the AIAA and IEEE, received the Legion of Merit Medal from the US Navy, the Wilbur Cross Medal for public service from Yale, where he received his PhD, and the NASA exceptional service medal.

The audience composed of 70 people from the industry and governmental agencies, including also ISU’s EMBA12 participants (Executive MBA), enjoyed a divine reception in the promenade area of the hotel.

EMBA12 participants had a further opportunity, during next day’s breakfast held at the Law School of the George Washington University, to discuss any space commerce questions linked to Mr. Honeycutt’s activity. Rob Frize – Carrick Consulting, Isle of Man, wondered what Honeycutt’s take was on whether NASA would remain a scientific research and development agency or if commercial companies like Space X would get in front. Chris Stott, ISU alumnus also commented on the economical impact that Honeycutt had in the early 90’s when he took over the directorship of NASA Kennedy Space Center.

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