In joint publication with the International Space University and the International Institute of Space Commerce,

“This third book by the Aerospace Technology Working Group (ATWG) is a broad and fascinating survey of the important topic of Space Commerce. The authors are genuine experts within their fields, and many of them have been together in the loose collaboration of the ATWG for two decades. They share a common impatience with incremental development and bureaucracy, and will lead the reader in exploring the frontier of this emerging business venue.”

Bruce McCandless II (NASA Astronaut)

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Foreword by Bruce McCandless II

1. Introduction: Space Commerce, 2010 – 2020 By Langdon Morris and Kenneth J. Cox, Ph.D.

2. Moon 2.0: Private Planetary Exploration and the New Lunar Economy By William Pomerantz

3. Challenges for the New Space Economy By Walter Peeters, Ph.D

4. Entrepreneurial Niche Markets: Four Case Studies on the Development of Space Commerce By Tom Taylor, Walter P. Kistler, and Bob Citron

5. Spin-Out and Spin-In in the Newest Space Age By Michael Simpson, Ph.D.

6. The Space-Based Internet A Tourist’s Perspective on Space By Michael A. Blum

8. An Open Source, Standardized Research Platform for the International Space Station By Christopher K. Cummins

9. Manufacturing for Space from a Small Company’s Point of View: a case study By Helmut Kessler, Ph.D.

10. The Emerging Organizational Framework for the Space Commerce Enterprise By Michael Wiskerchen

11. Space-Rush: A New Way Forward for Space Exploration & Settlement, Aligned with President Obama’s New Space Vision By Bruce Pittman and Dr. Daniel J. Rasky

12. Heavy Lift Launch: How Boosters Work, Their History, And The Role Of Heavy Lift In Space Commercialization
By Thomas E. Diegelman and Thomas C. Duncavage

13. Prospects for In-Space Re-Fueling By Ken Young and Jerome Bell

14. Using the International Space Station as a Test Bed for the Commercial Space Marketplace By Jeffrey Manber

15. Harnessing the Sun: A Permanent Solution to Global Crisis By Feng Hsu, Ph.D.

16. A Space Commercialization Model: Ocean Ports And Inter-Modal Transportation By Thomas E. Diegelman and Kenneth J. Cox, Ph.D.

17. Commercial Spaceports in the Americas By Thomas L. Matula, Ph.D.

18. A New European Spaceport Law and Politics in Spain By Garrett Smith and Dr. Vasilis Zervos

19. Jurisdictional Choice and its Impact Upon Space Businesses By Christopher Stott

20. The US Space Guard: Institutional Support to Space Commerce By Captain Brent D. Ziarnick, USAF

21. A New Perspective on “Higher Education:” Educational Institutions in Low Earth Orbit By Frank White

22. To Plan for a Century: ISU’s Vision of Education in Space By Michael Simpson, Ph.D.

23. From Space Boots to Cyber Suits: Merging neuroprosthetic devices and virtual reality on Mars
By Dawn L. Strongin, Ph.D. and Diandra Hilton

24. Conclusion: Space Commerce, 2020 – 2100 By Langdon Morris and Kenneth J. Cox, Ph.D.

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