Lunar Economic Action Plan

/Lunar Economic Action Plan

Building a Moon Base


So, we want to go to the Moon. Why? Because the Moon is an ideal “staging post” for us to accumulate materials and manpower outside of the Earth’s deep gravitational well. From the Moon we can send missions into deep space and ferry colonists to Mars. Tourists may also be interested in a short visit. [...]

Project Horizon


In keeping with the spirit of the Lunar Economic Action Plan, and the history of lunar exploration that precedes it,the IISC is bringing you Project Horizon by the United States Army.  This was a secret program that was declassified after the end of the Cold War. From the introduction" There is a requirement for a [...]

Jurisdictional Challenges And Their Potential Impact Upon Commerce Related To A Private Settlement On The Moon


Some may recall the quarantine endured by the crew of Apollo 11 upon their return from the Moon, but do they also remember the official declaration forms and quarantine that the crew had to sign upon their return from the Moon at the Honolulu airport?  The cargo they declared, alongside their quarantine, was undoubtedly a [...]

Using Lunar Resources to Create a Spacefaring System


This paper describes an architecture that extends human reach beyond low Earth orbit by creating a permanent space transportation system with reusable and refuelable vehicles. Such a system is made possible by establishing an outpost on the Moon that harvests water and produces rocket propellant from the ice deposits of the permanently dark areas near [...]

Justifying a Lunar Settlement


  Funding and operating a successful economic private settlement on the Moon will require an overarching community development strategy, followed by scientific / technological work, pioneering drive, and a resilient commercialization plan. Historically, this set of activities has not been carried out sequentially, but all the elements are necessary to achieve a profitable private settlement [...]

MOBIUS: An Evolutionary Strategy for Lunar Tourism


The MOBIUS concept architecture presents an evolutionary methodology for lunar tourist missions. In the MOBIUS scenario, a quartet of spacecraft is suggested in a specific supersynchronous Earth orbit as a nominal trajectory for a cislunar, cycling vehicle system. Earth and lunar shuttlecraft service the cycler at Earth perigee and lunar proximal apogee of the selected [...]