International Cooperation for the Development of Space

/International Cooperation for the Development of Space

Australia’s Place in Space: Historical Constraints and Future Opportunities

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Australia occupies an unusual place in the story of human activity in space. Australia’s approach to space has been and remains intensely pragmatic and collaborative, leading to outcomes that have puzzled many observers and commentators over the years. Principles of necessity and sufficiency have been dominant. Grand plans for space exploration and space industry development [...]

The Leadership Competition between Japan and China in the East Asian Context


Japan and China, two advanced spacefaring nations, are often referred as rivals in space. Successful manned space program in 2003 and ASAT test in 2007 by China were considered as turning points that led Japan to compete against China, and which potentially introduced the idea of a “space race in Asia.” This paper analyzes the [...]

An Incomplete Species: Unfolding Of Space Law To Support The Survival Of Humankind And Its Unique Envoys Migrating Off-Earth; The Continuing Evolution Of Humanity, Society, Technology, And Law


All living species are transitory. Depending upon the definition of “technology” in specific contexts, they either evolve biologically or biotechnologically to meet ever-changing external and internal conditions, or they ultimately become extinct. Even the humankind sentient “essence,” i.e., the whole seemingly being greater than the sum of its parts, is constantly in evolutionary transition. If [...]

The European – African Partnership in Space Applications


The African continent, with over one billion people, has the fastest growing population in the world. The majority of the population lives in poverty, and the 53 states on the continent are still classified by the United Nations and International Monetary Fund as developing countries. They are facing problems in meeting the basic needs of [...]

The 100 Year Starship Endeavor


The 100 Year Starship Study (100YSS) is an unprecedented, multi-disciplinary initiative that challenges humanity to identify commercially sustainable ways to design, develop, and build a manned vehicle for interstellar space travel within 100 years, by the year 2111. Download: Nosanov Potter 100 Year Starship This paper was first published as part of Space Commerce, The [...]