The International Institute of Space Commerce has been involved in a number of initiatives to further the exploration and exploitation of Space. We try to share our publications as widely as possible, so they can be found here, also also on Amazon or iTunes.

The following are a few of the projects we have been involved in:

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Manufacturing for Space from a Small Company’s Point of View


Rockets first saw use in military applications in ancient China in the 13th century, and they saw intermittent development thereafter in China and then with greater focus in Europe. It was, however, only in the late 19th and early 20th century that the ‘Father of Russian cosmonautics,’ the Russian Constantin Tsiolkovsky, developed the theoretical basis [...]

International Spaceport Challenges


In this paper we will examine issues, challenges, technologies and other factors that feed the quest for the international cooperation required to initiate and sustain viable Earth-to-space and space-to-Earth commerce. The approach taken here is based on the proposition that the commercialization of space will follow the same path as terrestrial history, but with greater distance, [...]

Heavy Lift Launch: How Boosters Work, Their History, And The Role Of Heavy Lift In Space Commercialization


The current crisis in American human spaceflight has generated a great deal of concern and confusion in the general public, as well as in the aerospace sector, regarding booster systems, how they are developed, and what might be the best path forward for the United States and the rest of the world. While there is [...]

From Space Boots to Cyber Suits: Merging neuroprosthetic devices and virtual reality on Mars


Invention has freed the brain from its bodily constraints, leaving the imagination unencumbered to envision paths that lead to obtaining even our wildest dreams. Like a shark, the brain never stops swimming in thought (Leher, 2010), and as it seeks new discoveries, the brain’s architectural landscape becomes reshaped. Recent innovative tools capitalize on the brain’s [...]

European SatCom Policy: A tool of international cooperation between Europe and Africa


The purpose of this chapter is to explore how European Satellite Communications (SatCom) policy can accelerate African development. One of the current European policy priorities is the Digital Agenda, with the ambition to bring broadband to every European citizen by 2013. This policy initiative promotes European growth as smart, sustainable and inclusive. The targets of [...]

Entrepreneurial Niche Markets: Four Case Studies on the Development of Space Commerce


Throughout history, trade routes have emerged to serve those pursuing commerce in all its many forms, from the recovery of value from natural resources, to tourism, to manufacturing and agriculture, to migration and exploration. Specialized markets, or niche markets, inevitably develop along trade routes to take advantage of specific conditions and to meet the specific [...]