Novel Financing for Innovation

Tough economic times and financial constraints that are not likely to lessen anytime soon are encouraging a rethinking of how we can best, as a nation, fund research in the sciences, engineering, and technology. Federal research agencies have launched, utilized, or are proposing new funding mechanisms that are less like the traditional research and development [...]

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International Institute of Space Commerce Workshop

The Space Tourism debate continues as both interest and concern grows at a worldwide level. Space Tourism offers not only entertainment, but other benefits such as access to alternative airspace routes which offer shorter flying times, and opportunities for technology creation and innovation. The advent of Space Tourism raises technical, commercial and regulatory issues, as [...]

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Second IISC Workshop – Space Solutions: Practical Applications

Date: 30th November 2010 Time: 9am - 4.30pm Place: Mount Murray Hotel and Country Club, Mount Murray Road, Santon, Isle of Man In the first workshop organized by IISC, the main conclusion was that space was increasingly becoming an economic commodity. Building on that, with participation of researchers and space policy professionals, the Second IISC [...]

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