Political Discourse At The Speed of Light

A.K.A. Political Discourse In The Age Of The Singularity “At the speed of light you’re in endless night, At the speed of sound you can’t see the ground.” ~ Wang Chung   Feeling disorientated by the media recently? Concerned that politics and reason as you know it has taken a long drive off a short [...]

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Living in the Second Elizabethan Age

We are living, in what I would argue, is the second Elizabethan Age. An age of commerce, exploration and discovery in Space driven by geopolitical, commercial, and cultural factors so incredibly similar to those of the first Elizabethan Age that is it worth noting. With this new Golden Age of exploration history is repeating itself [...]

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To be Digitally Agnostic in the age of Satellites, Screens, and Social Media

Does Social Media worry you? Do you find yourself confused in this age of digital media, adrift in the world of networking?  Worried about satellite versus cable? Android versus Apple? Tablets versus smart phones?   Messaging and connecting with your clients and colleagues has never been easier, but it has also never been as potentially confusing. [...]

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Don’t Forget your Tech

In our modern world it is, ironically, all too easy to forget about our technology. I'm not talking about our Smart Phones or the latest wearable tech or electric cars, but rather the underlying base of technology that we've built over the last 50 years to enable all of the modern innovations we take for [...]

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